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jaredpetersen/kafka-connect-redis is a new open source, MIT-licensed Kafka Connect plugin that can integrate Redis into your Kafka data pipelines.

Need data from Redis streamed to another application in realtime via Kafka? You’re covered with the source connector, enabling you to create records based on pub/sub messages or keyspace notifications.

Need to write some data into Redis via Kafka messages? Great! Just use the sink connector and produce messages that describe the write operation you’d like to perform (SET, SADD, etc.).

We’ve put together a nifty demonstration to show off the connector’s capabilities. All you need is minikube so that we can set up the Redis and the various Kafka components without installing them directly on your computer. …

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Image Courtesy of The Raspberry Pi Foundation

One of the first things my wife and I wanted to do when we bought our first house was set up a home security system. I didn’t want to pay a monthly fee for a security service and thought it would be fun to throw Raspberry Pis with cameras all over the house.

All they needed to do was sit around and serve live video footage with a 24 hour buffer so that it could be reviewed in the case of a burglary. …


Jared Petersen

Software Engineer.

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